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stairway to success in land investment

There are numerous ways to make money like investment in stock market, real estate, money lending, small business or big venture and a million ways more. A decision to invest in any product whether real estate or stocks needs to be an educated decision based on a long-term financial strategy rather  than an emotional decision based on speculation. My choice is land because of practical reasons. Land is a long-term tangible asset that does not wear out, does not depreciate, broken, stolen or destroyed except by acts of god like erosion, flooding or contamination. 

Great location is one strategy to success in this product.  The closer the land is to existing sewer, hydro and other services the better the chance of future development.  Easily accessible land or land close to major transportation routes commands more interest and a higher price later. Pay extra for a comprehensive title search to find out  what development were in the area over the last 50 years for environmental issues. Another strategy in flipping land is to buy cheap land that is not zoned for development and then get it rezoned yourself. Just changing the zoning can have a massive impact on the land's value. 

Final strategy is creativity. While waiting for the right time to sell your investment there are several ways to make it a fun and exciting investment for you and make money while you own the land. A list of recommendations like organizing a car show where a lot of car owners feel proud to show their collections, organizing a horse racing for good cause to benefit the community, creating an annual festival for the family like celebration of Halloween in October, Ostrich Festival, carnival shows, face painting,  camping for children, musical concert venue & dog show. Make money to rent the space for tourist with motor home, trailer or even a helicopter or small plane. It can also be rented  to tourist bus companies to park their buses. Be more creative by using it as a wedding venue for out of state visitors or a graduation venue for wild parties for college graduates. Use the space to raise animals or even plant crops or flowers. Time passes by so quickly you won't even  know that it is time to sell and make a lot of money for your land investment. Live your life and use your hard earned success money  on your grand vacation or retirement.

Article contributor: Pamela Martin-Abella, commercial real estate  agent of Century 21 Arizona Foothills; cell phone # (480) 703-5830;

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