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                                                       Is it wise to do commercial investments in Arizona?

Here are some facts to consider to make a smart decision.

Information from the United States Census Bureau indicated that Arizona's estimated population for 2013 was 6,626,624 which is a 3.7% change from just three years ago in 2010. Private non-farm establishments in 2012 was 131,375. Total firms in 2007 was 491,529.  Arizona State University student population in the City of Tempe alone is 38,735 undergraduate enrollment on a 630 acres campus. Having a healthy population of college students drive the apartment and rental housing and retail markets in those cities in the upward scale. ASU's growing footprint in downtown Phoenix has helped draw more restaurants and bars as well as draw high technology companies in the area. Current events show that Beverly Hills Investment firm bought a City of Chandler building for $12.7 million. Same with Bradley Cohen's Los Angeles based real estate firm who bought a City of Scottsdale building recently. A San Diego investor Emanuel Torbati's Interstate Holdings Inc. bought Buckeye Shopping Center Development for $22 million cash! LKQ Corp. 's Keystone automobile Industries Inc. with already 70,000 square feet worth warehouse space in Phoenix has recently lease more than 109,000 square feet at a speculative industrial development in south Phoenix. City of Mesa Mayor Alex Finter and the city council are taking leadership seriously as the city shakes off the recession and start planning the future of Mesa. Downtown visioning is being spurred by the pending completion of the Metro Light Rail extension, a series of new and proposed residential developments in central Mesa and its newly opened downtown satellite college campuses. Milwakee Brewer is planning  to relocate its new Cactus League home at a 500 acre development in a far northwestern corner of the Phoenix area. The Brewers currently train in Phoenix at the Maryvale Baseball Park. City of Peoria is already home to the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners and is renovating the Peoria Sports Complex as part of a lease extension with the teams. There are so many investment planning and proposals in so many cities of this state. If you go to each city's website it will show you these information. Once all your criteria are defined and gathered wise decision is in a safe place.

article contributor: Pamela Martin-Abella, commercial real estate representative Century 21 Arizona Foothills, cell (480) 703-5830 email: realtor@hothomesaz.com

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